We are a modern facility providing a full range of health care services. We are committed to delivering care to all patients, particularly those recovering after a stroke, and to promoting health education, disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

The comprehensive nature of our services means that all patients are provided with well-planned, well-organised and continuously controlled medical and nursing care, rehabilitation treatments and psychological assistance. In many cases, this will prevent the development of certain conditions and help to reduce the risk of complications related to the patient’s existing disease. Patients can also learn to avoid situations or activities which may be destructive to their health.

By working with top-notch professionals and a specialised team of experienced nurses and rehabilitation therapists and by providing diagnostic tests and nursing care at home, we try to cater for all the health-related needs of our patients, based on a holistic approach and in a way that is appropriate to the individual patient’s needs.
Also, our qualified and experienced nurses provide specialised nursing care at home on a 24h basis.

With a flexible approach and a comprehensive range of services provided in a pleasant and friendly setting, i.e. in the patient’s home, we are able to deliver care to even the most demanding patients according to the highest quality standards.