We provide in-home nursing care to all patients, particularly those recovering after a stroke.
For each patient, we will make a nursing diagnosis and prepare a nursing care plan based on standardised clinical scales. We will keep a record of our observations to be able to assess the change in the patient’s health status with the passage of time. We will provide our patients with advice on home adaptations and medical equipment rental.

Special care and attention is given to patients with hemiparesis to minimise the risk of contractures, muscular atrophy or articular subluxations. We take care of the patients with a Foley catheter, a gastric tube or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube.

Our services include basic nursing care (helping patients with personal hygiene) and actions to prevent bedsores and to heal wounds and bedsores. We also perform dressings with the use of state-of-the-art materials.

We provide invasive medical procedures: intravenous drip infusions; intramuscular, subcutaneous and transcutaneous injections; and cannulation. Our in-home nursing care services include taking blood for analytical tests, measuring blood glucose levels and all vital signs (respiration rate, pulse rate, temperature, saturation, blood pressure), and performing ECG tests (also in the patient’s home).

We are also prepared to provide simple care services such as applying eye drops or ear drops, performing rectal infusions, administering enemas, nebulisation, mechanical removal of secretion from the trachea-bronchial tree, assisting patients with pharmacological therapy (administering medicines according to accepted standards, cupping, applying hot and cold compresses).

We provide training for the families of stroke patients on our premises, and health education at home to teach them about primary and secondary stroke prevention. Training and educational activities are also available to diabetic patients. We offer nutrition and care advice in respect of bedridden patients.

We aim to create the best possible conditions for in-home patient care. We provide patients and their caregivers with both theoretical and practical training to reduce the insecurity and anxiety that surrounds the decision to move a patient to a nursing facility where he or she will be provided for comprehensive care. Through the cooperation of the entire therapeutic team, which consists of doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, medical caregivers and a psychologist, will be able to deliver quality services suited to the individual needs of each patient to improve their comfort and quality of daily life for the patients and their families.